Types Of Passports

Generally, passports issued by competent authority are of following types:

1. Normal Passport
Normal passports are issued to citizens proceeding to another country for personal reasons.

2. Aliens Passport
The aliens passports are issued to alien residents. An alien is a person in a country of which he/she is not a citizen, subject or national. An alien may be a non-immigrant or an immigrant depending upon the purpose for which he/she is entering the country.

3. Children's identity cards
These cards are issued to minors instead of passport.

4. Diplomatic Or Consular Passport
Diplomatic passport is issued to diplomatic, consular and other government officials on missions entitling the bearer to diplomatic or consular status under international law and custom.

5. International Red Cross Passport 
This passport is issued by the United Nations.

6. Joint Passport
In special cases, some countries may issue a joint passport for travelling together, like husband and wife or with children. The holder of such passport must travel together.

7. Official Passport
Official passport is issued to government officials or other persons on government missions.


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