Concept And Meaning Of Passport

Passport is an official document issued by a competent authority to its nationals or to alien residents.Passport is the most important identification document and travel permit for leaving one's country and entering foreign country. Every international passenger must be holding a valid passport for all the countries to or via which they travel. Passports are valuable documents. It is the property of the issuing government and government may ask t return it. A foreign traveler must carry passport all the times. The loss of a passport should be reported immediately to the police and then to the consulate. Embassy or councilor will reissue passport but if they are not authorized to issue passport they will issue travel documents as a substitute of passport which may not always have the same legal effect as passport and are limited t certain country or to certain purpose only. Other countries may not accept this type of special document. It is advised to check with the country of destination before the validity.

Nationality of a person is established by checking the specific information under the "nationality" in their passport. Some countries have special provision that a person can be a citizen of more than two countries. Then the travelers may hold more than two passports. Such passengers are entitled to travel on any of these documents.


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