Travel Documents Or Documents Required For International Travelers

 People travel for pleasure, leisure, relax. But every travel involves formalities and an international traveler needs to fulfill border formalities. International travel is more complex as every international travel involves more than two countries. When the travelers travel from one country to other they need to fulfill border formalities. Every passenger needs to follow rules and regulation to leave one country and to enter the other country. Every country country has border formalities and provides custom facilities. The rules and regulations and border formalities are changed, adjusted to match with national and international situations.

So, it is not possible to memorize and up to date with all the current rules and regulations of more than 200 countries of this world.It is difficult for a traveler to know the current rules of every country they travel. To support the travelers and to the airlines staff, International Air Transport Association (IATA) publishes Travel Information Manual. Travelers and airlines staffs will go through the manual and know about the documents requirement for international travel. At the same time it supports airlines airport staffs to check necessary travel documents. Following are the main travel documents for international travelers.

1. Passport

Passport is an official document issued by a competent authority to its nationals or to alien residents. It is the most important identification document and travel permit for leaving one's country and entering foreign country. Every international passenger must be holding a valid passport for all the countries to or via which they travel.

2. Visa

Visa is an entry in a passport or other travel document made by an official of a government to indicate that the bearer has been given permission to enter or re-enter the country. It is denoted by stamps or sticker of the concern country. However, it does not guarantee admission to that country but only certifies that a passport is registered by the visa issuing authority.The final decision rests with the competent authorities at the port of entry.

3. Health

Every international traveler need to follow health rules and regulations. So, it is the responsibility of a airlines airport staff to check carefully the health regulations of the country of destination, country of departure and transit stations. A passenger need to fulfill the health formalities.

4. Airport Tax

Airport tax is paid at the time of departure. Every departing/embarking passenger must clear the airport tax. The tax may differ from airport to airport and from country to country.

5. Customs

Every international traveler is personally responsible to clear the custom formalities of the visiting country. The procedure for baggage clearance is not internationally standardized. Every country has their own rules and regulations.Custom authorities of each country follow their own rules and regulations.

6. Currency

A passenger is required to fulfill the currency formalities of the concern country. Some countries have currency regulation. Passenger are required to declare the import and they shall not export more than what they brought in.


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