Meaning And Need Of Reservation

Meaning Of Reservation
Reservation is to book. It is a process of holding for future use. It is a technique of holding authority or right to use in future. Reservation shows a commitment or promise from the buyer to use in near future.

Need Of Reservation

* Due to the basic nature of tourism, its service is intangible, ownership does not change, so customer wants to have proof what he/she has bought and what seller has promised to provide. It serves as a right to use the service. By the help of reservation system, service agency solves the problem of non storable.' Here and there nature' of  tourism creates space gap and time gap. Reservation tries to solve the problem of pay here get there, pay now get later. It serves as a line of communication between point of sale (POS) and point of service delivery (POSD). Reservation does flow of information between two agencies. It is necessary for the service agency to solve problem of non storable.

* Due to the limited capacity of service agencies like hotels, airlines, trekking, rafting etc., travel agency must reserve the space.

* As a middleman a travel agency need authority to sale and reservation system is an authority to sale.

* Reservation serves as communication system between the customer and agencies and between the service agencies.

* Reservation is a proof of what agency has promised to deliver and what customer has paid for.

* Service is a process and measured in duration and reservation will help to quantify the service duration.


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