Meaning And Features Of Authority

Meaning Of Authority

Authority is a legal power to command. It provides right to make decision. It is a freedom provided by the organization to command, guide, and to influence subordinates to achieve specific objectives of the organization. 
Therefore, authority is a legal right of superior of the organization to handle subordinates. It includes commanding, guiding, directing and influencing subordinates along with responsibility.

Features Of Authority

Followings are the notable characteristics of authority:

1. Legal Power
 Authority is a legal power of superior which helps him to influence and guide others.

2. Right To Make Decision
Authority ensures the right to make decision in favor of the organization.

3. Right To Command
Authority is a legal power to command subordinate level employees.

4. Right To Control
Authority is a right to control subordinates and other organizational functions in order to get better result.

5. Dominance
Authority is dominance by nature because it is a command of leader to the subordinates.

6. Accountability 
The person or superior possessing authority is also responsible to higher level authority. So, he should be accountable for his work.

7. Basis Of Getting Things Done
Authority is right to motivate, affect and influence people and their performance in order to achieve better result. So, it is a basis of getting things done.

8. Can Be Added Or Reduced
Authority can be added or reduced as per the needs and also can be fully withdrawn or delegated to others.

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