Features Of Consumer Market

Consumer market consists of the products for daily uses .It has the following features:

1. Market Focus
Consumer market focuses on individual and households because it consists of products for daily uses.

2. Consumption Purpose
Buyers buy the products in order to satisfy their daily needs. They consume only those products that can satisfy their individual and household needs.

In consumer market, products have a different brand image and consumers choose their favorite brand in order to satisfy their needs. Most of the consumers are brand loyalty. 

4. Packaging
Products are attractively and properly packaged to attract buyers. Good packaging is essential in consumer market.

5. Promotion
Products are promoted through different promotional tools like advertising, after sale service etc. to attract buyers.

6. Demand
Generally there are a large group of buyers in consumer market . They consume products in small volume. Demand of these products is elastic and affected by price and income.

7. Emotion
Buying of consumer product depends on the emotion of the buyers. They can buy the product if they like and can quit the product if they are not satisfied. 

Requirements Of Total Quality Marketing

Total Quality Marketing Requires:

1. Commitment
Commitment to improve product quality is a must for total quality marketing. This commitment should come from top level management.

2. Customer-orientation
Customer-orientation is another essential requirement for total quality marketing. Proactive marketing should be practiced for this purpose.

3. Team Effort
Total quality marketing needs team effort. Group decision making is essential.

4. New Technology
Total quality marketing requires new technology to improve product quality and marketing quality. Latest communication technology, digitalization, computerization etc. play very key roles in quality improvement.

5. Co-ordination
Total quality marketing requires co-ordination between production and marketing departments. All the departments and sections are equally responsible for the quality.

6. Flexibility
Total quality marketing needs flexible production methods with high quality materials.

7. Quality Measurement
Quality of different processes, products and services should be measured by the use of different types of quality control tools. 

8. Organizational Involvement
Whole organization should involve in total quality marketing. All organizational functions must work together to improve the quality.

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